Hey Douglas, I think your session was great for the overall audience because it demonstrated one of the most beneficial (long and short-term) options for handling one’s money. The idea of saving o ne’s money while gaining access to at least an amount equal to that which is packed in one’s “garage” is simply brilliant! The second thing I liked is the education provided to your clients as they are guided through the policy or policies most suitable to their circumstances. And these are just a few of the main reasons why I am also eager to get started. Very sincerely,

      Samuel Akinwunmi

      This is such an inspirational and thought provoking book that changed my ideas about money, rich people and their general outlook on life. The lessons and stories of the author, Douglas Eze, are highly valuable to everyone, regardless of their situation. He has not only given us insight to how the wealthy think but also how to start creating generational wealth for ourselves. If you are looking for ways to create long lasting wealth that will be beneficial to your children’s children, then I highly recommend this book.

        Collins Anioke

        I started asking myself some serious questions after reading this book — thought provoking! I have life insurance, yes, but does it serve all my needs and that of my family? I don’t even know. But now I know how to find out and how to correct the mistakes of the past. I recommend this book for everybody, especially middle class families. Thank you, Mr. Douglas A.C. Eze, for giving us insight to this whole new world of wealth acquisition and management. Oakcee

          Tom Olumoya

          The “Real Deal” Douglas, you are an inspirational.. to wish is to have. You have proven to me and other folks who wanna be something in life, that “We Are What We Are Thinking, and NOT What We Think We Are.. by getting up and getting started with what’s right, and making sure we let the system work for us, rather then working for the system, thanks for unlocking the guideline to wealth.

            Anna Godfrey

            Creating Generational Wealth® is very rich in many ways. It is for everyone – those who have accumulated wealth and those aspiring to not only create wealth but learn ways to leave it for generations to come. With all of the challenges and changes going on in the economy today, this book is perfectly timed. You have not seen a resource like this… I promise you! Douglas Eze’s new book deserves a place in every home, school and public library!

              Dr Seye O'Dairo

              “This is one special, critically analyzed book on wealth creation, sustenance and a long lasting financial legacy for generations to come. It has opened my eyes to hidden treasures and given me confidence and peace of mind, even when I am long gone. It’s a must read for everyone! Thanks, Douglas, for helping make it happen in our generation!”

                Bishop Jason L. Brownlee

                Douglas, thank you for sharing the wisdom that helps so many create generational wealth. Applying the principles you have taught has provided a paradigm for the financial future of my family. Your economic aptitude is evidence of your faith for wealth building success. This book will challenge you to change and experience wealth building breakthroughs.

                  LaFern K. Batie, MBA

                  After reading the first few pages of Creating Generational Wealth®, I was so captivated by the concepts that I could not put the book down. The information Douglas shares challenged everything I had learned about building a financial legacy and helped me immediately develop a solid wealth-building plan. It is easy to understand and the principles work! You do not learn this in business school.