“Girls with Money” Conference

Posted On February 18, 2014 by wealthadmin

Join award-winning Wealth Strategist and Author, Douglas Eze, as the special guest at the “Girls with Money” conference on Saturday, April 26th, in Hanover, Maryland. For more information and to register, visit http://www.anitarjohnson.com/upcoming-events.html


Book Release Event

Posted On January 13, 2014 by wealthadmin

Dr. Jomo Cousins invites you to join the book release/signing of CREATING GENERATIONAL WEALTH with Author Douglas Eze.

Date: Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 7PM

Jackson’s Waterfront Room(2nd Floor)
601 S. Harbour Island Blvd. Tampa

Please RSVP:
[email protected]
CALL 813 903 9247
Visit RSVP page


Creating Generational Wealth the book BREAKING NEWS

Posted On December 19, 2013 by wealthadmin

Creating Generational Wealth: What the Super Wealthy Know that You Need to Know
Only one thing stands between you and the generational wealth you desire to create: developing a proven, time-tested plan based on solid information. The wealthiest families and institutions around the globe use this approach every single day. Eighty percent of Americans do …