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The Top 10 Things you need to have in order when planning your estate.


Believe it or not, everyone has an estate. This checklist is designed to give you the Top 10 items you need to have in place in order for your financial estate to be secure. 


The reason why you need to get started with your estate planning now

The Top 10 things that you must have in place to protect your assets

Next steps. What you should do next to get the process started.


Douglas Eze is a seasoned expert in the financial industry and founder of Largo Financial Services, Inc. With more than 20 years of experience, he is committed to helping families discover their path toward wealth and financial independence by improving their financial intelligence.

He is also the author of Creating Generational Wealth ©. As a professional, he has learned that only one thing stands between you and the generational wealth you desire to create: developing a proven, time-tested plan based on solid information. The wealthiest families and institutions around the globe use this approach every single day. Eighty percent of Americans do not have the information they need to create financial stability or generational wealth. While it may seem like you have to be wealthy to generate even more wealth, nothing can be further from the truth. There are no secrets! In this powerful resource, wealth strategist Douglas A. C. Eze draws on his personal journey from immigrant to financial expert, extensive experience with wealthy clients and decades of research to reveal a practical approach that helps every day, ordinary people create lasting financial legacies.


Douglas Eze should write more books on this subject. He has a commitment to sharing knowledge and being a prompt professional, as a matter of fact, I contacted him minutes after I heard him on a Sirius Radio program, I'm sure he has a busy schedule but he took the time to converse with a person he does not know and has never met.   - Moncie R.


Excellent information and advice on what you need to do to start creating lasting wealth for you, your family and generations to come! - Annette W.

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